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Should my Luminance RED get warm when I'm using it?

Good question. When you turn on the Luminance RED, red light is channeled through the body of the device through the fiber optic tip. This allows you to apply the light inside your mouth for a canker sore or around your lips for a cold sore. The device has a very convenient shape that allows you to access areas you would otherwise struggle to reach and treat.


The light in the Luminance RED is generated one inch underneath the tip of the device’s body. The Luminance RED is a very high-powered device, as it needs to create 100 milliwatts per centimeter squared, which is the irradiance of the light it outputs.

The Luminance RED does generate some heat. However, the fiber optic tip helps keep the heat in the base and around the lowest parts of the tip to keep it away from where you're applying the light. The heat should not be a problem unless you use the device three to four times back-to-back without any time in between. At that point, you should set the device down and let it rest until it cools. 

Do you have more questions about your Luminance RED device? Visit our FAQ page for additional information.

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