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Fiber Optic Tip
for The Luminance RED

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Maximize the utility of your single Luminance RED device across multiple users—be it your spouse, child, or other loved ones. Our interchangeable fiber optic treatment tips ensure the highest standard of sanitation and are ready for use in seconds. 

These tips are universally compatible with all Luminance RED devices, providing an efficient solution for collective usage without compromising on hygiene.

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  • 1 Fiber Optic Tip

The Fiber Optic Tip is compatible with all Luminance RED devices.

We have 4 people in our family who all use the Luminance RED. Having a separate tip for each person makes us feel completely comfortable sharing it.

Laura N.

I have bought 14 seperate tips at this point. Once because I clumsely dropped one and the others were for other people. I've had so many friends who I've told about the Luminance RED who then wanted to try it out so I always have a extra tip handy for them. When they buy their own, I give them the tip so I run through them like hot cakes!

Stan W.

Precise, Targeted Treatments

Exclusively designed and compatible with every Luminance RED device, the fiber optic tip guides the light emitted from the high-powered LED directly to the area you want to treat. 

Medically-Optimized Doses Of Light

Engineered with medical-grade components, the fiber optic tip delivers precise doses of light based on peer-reviewed clinical research.

Everyone Can Benefit

Multiply the value of your Luminance RED when you add additional fiber optic tips. Now, everyone in your household can benefit from the same device.

Our Skincare Devices are Supported by Clinical Science

We’ve invested in multiple clinical studies to quantify the impact of the Luminance RED family of devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. The rubber cap on the end of the tip is only there for protection. Remove it before all use.

The fiber optic tip has two rubber washers that keep the tip fitted securely in the device. They also make it easy to slide the tip into and out of the device. Simply hold the tip securely between your fingers and apply a slow, steady pressure to slide it in or out.

You can leave the tip in the body of the Luminance RED device when cleaning. Take an alcohol prep pad and wipe both the tip and the body of the device thuroughally to dissinfect. Then, set the device down or in the charging base to let it air dry.

You can also remove the tip from the device to clean it seperatly if you prefer. 

Yes. To ensure that you get a sanitary treatment, we suggest that each person who uses the device has their own tip.

Yes. We suggest using a seperate tip for treating each condition.

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$50 Off & Free 2-Day Shipping | Code: SAVE50

$50 Off, FREE Shipping & FREE Travel Case. Code | SAVE50

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