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Do you need to use eye protection when using the Luminance RED?

The short answer to this question is no, but we do not suggest staring directly into the device. The light emanated from the Luminance RED is very bright, and it can take some time for your eyes to adjust.


All the clinical studies have shown no indication of negative side effects from looking into the red light. In fact, one recent study indicated that 660 nanometers of light—the same wavelength created by the Luminance RED—can actually help defend your eyes against macular degeneration, a condition that affects most people's eyes as they age.

If you have very photosensitive skin or are taking any medicine that can cause increased photosensitivity in your skin, we suggest that you talk to your doctor before using the Luminance RED.

Do you have more questions about your Luminance RED device? Visit our FAQ page for additional information.

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$50 Off & Free 2-Day Shipping | Code: SAVE50

$50 Off, FREE Shipping & FREE Travel Case. Code | SAVE50

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