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I've used it several times over the last month: once on a full blown sore and twice when I felt the beginning of one. It helped me manage the main sore and completely stopped the formation of the other two.”

- John D.

I began to get a sore the week before my wedding! I was anxious and came across this product after doing some research online. It was fairly pricey and I was a little skeptical, but with the money-back guarantee, I felt pretty good about giving it a try. 

I’m so glad I did! Within 2 days of using the product, my sore was so much better. I can not thank you enough for this product -- it saved my wedding day for sure! I would highly recommend it to anyone because this product works! Thank you so much!!

- Angela S.

I have tried many ointments and medications this summer and recently had my worst outbreak. As soon as I got home and saw that my Luminance RED was delivered, I was so excited and used it three times per day for three days. Now my skin is back to normal! I almost gave up hope, but I’m so happy that I can go out in public again. Thank you so much! 💙💙

- Johnathan S.

Thank you for your help. And yes, your product has been most helpful for me when I start to get a sore. I rarely get outbreaks any more. Great product. Thank you.

- Jack B.

This has been such a miracle worker! My little one was getting sores -- three at a time! This helped in no time. Now when I see one popping up, I do a treatment and it’s so much better. 

- T.

This thing is an answer to prayer. I scoured the internet and ran into this. The reviews were outstanding. I had no problem spending the money. I was desperate. Every time I get a sore, not only is it disgusting, but I can't kiss my wife and that's what hurts me the most. I always get sores from trips because of the stress of traveling coupled with different environments and such. I get them maybe 6 times a year and I hate it.

It came charged and I immediately directed the light on my lip sore. I did treatments 2 times a day for the past 4 days and my sore is now completely gone.

 I am completely floored. And I couldn't be happier. My mind is blown. This is a miracle of modern science. Try this product with confidence. You have nothing to lose.

- Sean O.

I purchased this product because I had two terrible sores toward the back of my mouth. I was in terrible pain and quite desperate. The first day of treatment, I had pain relief. I’m so grateful.

- Tiffany G.

So far, it's stopped two different sores dead in their for me and one for my daughter. We are very pleased.  

- Joanna W.

I've had breakouts 2 times a year since I was about 7 years old. I truly have done everything and nothing has ever seemed to work.

The Luminance RED treatment is an absolute game changer. I own multiple small businesses, and because most of my responsibilities are customer-facing, the level of satisfaction and peace of mind this has given me from one solitary use has me giddy like a school boy.

- Joshua F.

Your product does work. I had a sensation of the sore beginning to form and I used Luminance RED for 6 treatments, over a 3 day period. The sore completely disappeared. During the treatments, the sore did not progress either. I believe you have a great product.

- George Z.

If you get lip or mouth sores, you NEED to buy this! You'll have relief in only 60 seconds!!!

- Kay

Having lip sores for the majority of my adulthood, this is a lifesaver! I could not believe the change I saw after one 60 second use! It was incredible. If you are like me and have gone back and forth because of the pricing, JUST BUY IT. I wish I would have years ago because I could have avoided so much stress of hiding my face all the time and not going to events because of it.

It is totally worth the price, and you can see changes right away!

- Kim

I purchased a Luminance RED almost 6 months ago. My daughter has HSV2. She has used it as directed for almost the entire time. We believe it has made a difference. She used to have outbreaks each month longer than she would have clear days. Due to being autoimmune compromised, she has sores that look like deep knife cuts as opposed to blisters. The last few months she now has weeks between outbreaks, instead of days. This is an answer to prayer!

- Carol M.

My fiancé actually got it for me. We were very surprised and very happy at how fast the device was delivered. I’ve been using the device since last Saturday and I have to say it’s quite amazing! The device has not only helped the healing process but it also helped it from spreading. I am so impressed with this device and truly grateful!

- Windy L.

This is amazing to finally have this technology at home! I used to have to go to my dentist when the first tingle of a fever blister would start. Usually from start to finish it takes two weeks to get rid of my fever blisters! Now I’m almost clear after 4 days (3, 60 second sessions every day)!

Thank you so much! Best thing I’ve ever bought!!

- Anna S.

First of all, I don't do reviews! So why am I writing this one? Simply to help others that have challenges with fever blisters. This device worked for me. That said, it is not a one-time miracle. Here's what happened to me. I had 4 fever blisters in various stages of development. My old standby was Abriva. I received Luminance RED on Monday and I used it several times that day. Fever blisters stopped in their tracks by Wednesday pm and completely gone by Friday pm. It stopped an additional blister from forming on Thursday into Friday. Best $$ I've spent in a long time!

- Diego D.

Game changer! I’ve struggled with lip sores for the last five years or so. This last year I got to a point where as soon as one went away, another popped up and my anxiety was through the roof. I even went to a dermatologist and got an antiviral but that didn’t work. I was skeptical when I saw this product but I thought it was worth a shot. Thank God I did. I used it regularly for the first couple months and my sores reduced over time. I’ve gotten to a point where I only use as needed when I think I might get one and it usually stops the sore in its tracks. I would estimate my sores are reduced by 90% if not more. I feel “fixed”. I would definitely recommend it to someone with chronic cold sores b/c it really works.

- Jack

Crying tears of joy! I have been dealing with lip sores for the past 12 years. It's been HORRIBLE. I've had to cancel plans, been upset that they wouldn't go away, and have felt every other negative emotion possible.

I started feeling one come on yesterday, so as always, I swallowed mountains of antiviral medicine and huge lysine pills. It helped so don't get me wrong, but I could still tell that it was there and moreover, was SUPER painful. I have been holding off of ordering this because of the price. I wish I bough this SOOOO much sooner.

I ordered it yesterday and started using it as soon as I got it. WITHIN TWO HOURS, both (yes, I had two) sores were 90% gone. This is after only ONE 60 second round. I feel sooo much better about it already

If you are like me, and have been having this happen to you after years of canceled plans and embarrassments, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE like I did. Give yourself the freedom of getting rid of these things once and for all.

- Amy

I’ve wasted my money on so many things before and now this is the only thing I use. I used to get multiple outbreaks every year and it was painful and kind of humiliating. Now, when I get the first sign of a tingle, I start using the Luminance RED 3 times per day.

The confidence that I  now have is priceless.

If you have the money, I highly suggest this thing because it helps so much.

- James L.

My device will stop a flare up in its tracks if I catch it fast enough and use it frequently enough. Beyond that, the team at Luminance RED is really responsive and has helped me with my device on multiple occasions. Awesome support!

- Anonymous

Real customer money paid for this review. I bought this product and have taken a full year to test it. I wholeheartedly recommend this product, it has changed my life.

Works so much better than prescription medications! I was hesitant because of the price, but this product will change your life.


- Godzilla Ate Mars

My doctor told me to check out the Luminance RED for genital outbreaks. He said that it helps and I agree because I’ve seen the results myself.

- B.Z.

Started using this device during the middle of an outbreak I had while taking Acyclovir. Since using this treatment,I’ve been able to get off meds.

- Anonymous

Thankful this product was invented.

- Anonymous

I’m very pleased with this new purchase. It’s lightweight, compact, and very effective. I’m so happy I found a natural alternative and it didn’t cost me a 2nd mortgage.

- V.I.

Saved my life! The Luminance RED is a super device. I like it very much. In just few a days, I see a big difference. This is a magical thing to put in my hands. It has saved me a lot of money. I buy it one time, and I use it every day for many days to come. Thank you very much.

- Vincent I.

Seems to working so far; I pray it continue to works. This has been life changing so far!!

- Erika S.

I am 22 years old and I use this on my genital sores and it literally stops the sores from getting any worse, and helps with the healing process. It nearly takes the pain away! I highly recommend this and it is 100% worth the investment. There’s no cure, but this sure does take a lot of worry/time/pain out of what I have to go through during outbreaks. 

- Anesha C.

So glad this exists! I was skeptical but wanted to give it a try since the meds take too long to work. I have used it twice a day and have great results for the 2 months I’ve used it. Money well spent. Only thing that could be better is the battery life between charges. I get 2 uses before charging so I just leave mine on the charger and it’s always ready to go. It works great for me!

- JL

I have gotten started with your company's product, and I gotta tell ya, I'm absolutely blown away. My previous treatment procedure involved a mouthwash that was very concentrated and hurt like hell. It delivered results for a long time, and I was ok with the pain.It just started being less and less effective.  

Enter your product, which I don't even remember how I stumbled onto it, but the 6 month guarantee made a strong impression on me. I was dealing with two sores at the same time, and was excited about the possibility that this thing could provide some hope. After my first use, I was devastatingly disappointed. However, my disappointment stemmed from the fact that it didn't cause any pain, and I was actually kinda hoping that it would hurt, because if it hurt, that would mean it's killing THESE ANNOYING FREAKING THINGS.  

Fast forward a couple hours later, and it hit me that I had forgotten that I even had a mouth sore!  Also, when I brushed my teeth that night, it didn't hurt! The next day, I ate spicy chicken intentionally to see if I could aggravate the sore, and nothing happened!  Man, I am so impressed and so thankful for this. I got a third sore this week, and I have just been smiling non stop at the quality of life improvement that I have ALREADY experienced.

- Christopher G.

My husband purchased the Luminance RED for mouth sores that I have battled for years. After years of going to the dentist and having them burned off with sodium nitrate, my dentist retired and the new dentist that I see doesn’t offer this service or laser treatments. I love the product—it drastically reduced my pain and helped with the healing.

- Christopher O.

I get severe canker sores with the slightest bit of trauma, have a high-stress life, and an iron deficiency anemia. I have been dealing with pain and discomfort for the past year.

I started using my Luminance Red and saw the healing process improve within the next 12 hours and then made a full recovery 3-4 days after using it.

- Antoinette T.

My son has struggled with extremely painful mouth sores - usually getting anywhere from 2-5 in his mouth at a time. Usually they heal over 5-10 days depending on how large they are. We've tried MANY supplements, mouth washes, topical treatments, etc. The Luminance RED is dramatically reducing the pain level for him. We will continue treating his sores with the Luminance RED and are grateful to find relief!


My little girl got a mouth sore recently and it worked really well to clear that up, too. I was nervous that this device was a bit of a gimmick, but now I'm convinced it works really well.

- Anonymous

For those of us that suffer from painful mouth sores, this is life-changing. I know that sounds dramatic, but it really does work, especially if you start using it the minute you feel one starting. My recent mouth sore was already fully formed by the time I got the device, but I imagine you would get the same result if you catch those quickly as well. It's expensive, but so is going to the dentist to get laser treatments, and not all dentists offer the service.

- Gina

I feel it is very important to share our experience with Luminance RED. My husband suffered from several very large sores in his mouth for four terrible months. Eating, speaking, and sleeping were extremely difficult because of excruciating pain. After trying several failed treatments and seeing many doctors, I purchased theLuminance RED out of desperation. Amazingly, within two days, we saw significant improvement and I am happy to report that after continued use for two weeks, his mouth is back to normal. It was literally a lifesaver.

- N.M.M.

I have gotten odd sores on my tongue and gums forever. This light works! It is amazing on large mouth sores! Takes pain away and helps with healing. I just had a little red spot on my tongue. It wasn’t that painful and I almost didn’t use my light on it, but why suffer? After just 60 seconds with the Luminance RED, the pain was gone! 

I am excited to help my grandkids with painful mouth sores! I don’t want them having mouth pain with all the great holiday food I’m making! I travel weekly and I actually store my Luminance light in my carry-on suitcase! I’m never leaving town again without it!

- M.M.

I am thrilled with the results using the Luminance RED mouth sore device. The day I started using it, I had a canker sore on the inside of my lip that I had bit several times while chewing. I treated it with the Luminance RED, and after just a few treatments, it felt much less swollen, less painful, and I could tell that it had started to heal. Within two days, it was not at all puffy anymore. In the past, I would struggle waiting for this type of sore to heal. However, after using the Luminance, the healing process was noticeably quicker. The almost immediate reduction in swelling allowed me to eat without biting the area and the pain improved very quickly. I am excited to use this product in the future for myself and the rest of my family!

- TG

I learned about this product from a friend. She said after one use, her mouth sore disappeared so I couldn't wait to get mine and try it out. When it arrived, I did have a small sore on my cheek. I used it for 60 seconds and then another 60 seconds later on. I woke up today and it is gone! This product is life-changing for those of us who suffer with these painful sores. I highly recommend it.

- Deanne S.

The device arrived at the peak of an outbreak with a 0.7mm sore on my inner lip, a smaller sore on my gum, and a smaller sore on the side of my tongue. It was extremely uncomfortable to eat and talk.

The smaller sores barely bothered me after 1 day. After 2 days, they were no longer painful even if I touched them directly.

After 1 day, the larger sore felt slightly less painful and did not grow; I could talk more comfortably. After 3 days the larger sore was barely noticeable.

Yes!! I am happy; thank you. Me and my son both have these mouth sores. It’s so frustrating to see my son hurt from these sores. So, thank you b/c it is helping. 

- Priscilla R.

The Luminance RED light 100% WORKS for mouth sores. I wanted to use it several times before reviewing it and I also wanted to make sure I used it on a sore I knew would be a bad one without the use of the light.

I’ve had it for over a month now and have used it several times on myself and my son. First, it immediately takes away the pain like magic. Works for other cuts in the mouth too. Second, it helps with the healing process exponentially. I’m attaching a picture of a canker sore on days 2 and 3 for my son. On day 1, he told me he had it and it was painful. Used the light twice. Pain immediately gone. Second day, it was painful again in the morning so I hit it twice with the light again. Pain gone and by the end of the day, the redness around the sore was gone. Day 3 it was practically gone and caused no pain and didn’t need to use the light. This was a mouth sore that surely would have lasted 5-6 days and would have been super painful otherwise.

The light is REALLY bright. They say you don’t need eyewear but I bought green glasses on Amazon meant for red light and they work great to cancel out the brightness. I cover my son’s eyes with a cloth as he lays down. The treatment lasts 60 seconds. If the sore is bad, you can do a few treatments each day. The treatment itself is very soothing and the light is so very slightly warm. You hold the light about 1/2 inch away from the sore.


- Bianca

I bit my lip last Thursday. Usually when I get cuts on my mouth, they immediately become a canker sore. That night I started the light therapy. It is now almost fully healed. I can't believe it but it happened. You guys might have found a cure. If this is true I want to quit my job and come work for you guys. I have been getting mouth sores since I was 18. Some of them were very very painful.

- Michael F.

OMG I love this product. I have suffered from ulcers my whole life. I’ve never been able to find anything that works like this product. I have been ulcer free for the last 3 days after using this to treat 2 full-blown ulcers and 3 that were just beginning! I am so amazed how well it has worked and how easy it is to use. I was very skeptical and only made the purchase because of your money back guarantee. If not for that, I wouldn’t have made the purchase.

- Steve B.

This thing really works! I received the Luminance RED device 2 days ago. I had 6 already formed sores in my mouth. 3 of them on my tongue, 1 on my lip, and 2 on my gums. I had been using a numbing topical called Kanka for relief which works for a short time and basically numbs your whole mouth. I had been doing that for about 2-3 days. As soon as I got the Luminance, I used it immediately and all I can say is wow! It did not numb them right away, but about 15 minutes later, they were easily 80% less painful and I have not used or needed the Kanka since then. I was coming home from my daughter's house yesterday afternoon when all of a sudden I felt that tingly sensation of another sore on my bottom lip. As soon as I got home, I treated it with the LR device and never really felt it again. When I got up this morning, I could see it was still there but couldn’t feel it so I treated it one more time and it is like it never happened. This thing is worth every penny!!! Highly recommend to anyone who is suffering from mouth sores or fever blisters. You won’t be disappointed.

- Jim L.

This 100% works!! My daughter gets horrible mouth sores and they're now better in a fraction of the time. Boyfriend used it on a lip sore and it stopped it dead in its tracks! Would buy 100 times over!!

- Raine K.

I’ve tried so many preventions to stop acne but somehow it just happens. I’m so glad to have this device.

- Yali

This is a crazy game changer. It reduces the pimple size in 24 hours and I totally notice a difference everytime I use it and it’s so quick.

- Annie

Rescuing my tired skin and healing breakouts.

- Lea

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