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Low Level Laser Therapy: 8 Simple Steps to Heal a Cold Sore

Whether you just felt the first tingle of an incoming cold sore or that pesky irritant already made its home on your lip, low level laser therapy can help stop a cold sore outbreak dead in its tracks. Clinical data shows this treatment can reduce healing time by roughly half and prevent future outbreaks from occurring. Once only available in a laboratory or medical setting, low level laser therapy for cold sores can now be performed effectively and affordably at home, thanks to advancements in LED technology. Let’s take a look at how this cold sore treatment works and discover how you can use a new handheld device, the Luminance RED, to heal a cold sore in 8 simple steps.

What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

Low level laser therapy, also known as photobiomodulation or cold laser therapy, is a procedure used to treat a variety of ailments, including sprains, aches and pains, and inflammation, by using a painless light to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.


How Does Low Level Laser Therapy Treat Cold Sores?

Cold sores are caused most often by the Herpes Simplex Virus-Type 1 (HSV-1) and typically appear on or around your lips. More than two-thirds of the world's population under 50 carry this incredibly contagious virus, and there is no permanent cure. Often, the virus remains dormant in your body, meaning that you can go some time without experiencing a cold sore. However, once something triggers an outbreak, such as stress or sunlight exposure, you will want to heal the painful and annoying blister fast. 

Low Level Laser Therapy offers a natural and quick way to stop the formation of a cold sore or hasten the healing process of one that already formed. Here’s a brief explanation of how the process works:

  • According to clinical data, six joules of energy is an effective “dose” to treat a cold sore. Depending on the severity of the outbreak, this treatment may need to be repeated a few times to fully heal the cold sore.
  • Once directed at the affected area, light energy then naturally begins to heal the sore, whether it is in the process of forming or has already formed, by providing your cells with more adenosine triphosphate. Commonly referred to as ATP, this compound provides the energy your immune cells need to fuel the healing process.
  • With this extra energy, your cells more effectively combat HSV-1, quickly pushing the virus back to dormancy and stopping the outbreak.

To administer LED-low level laser therapy at home, you will need the Luminance RED handheld device. When you begin treatment with the Luminance RED immediately after feeling that first tingle of a cold sore, you can stop a cold sore from fully forming 35-40% of the time. Not only is the Luminance RED effective, it’s incredibly easy to use.

Using the Luminance RED to Heal a Cold Sore in 8 Simple Steps

A single treatment session using the Luminance RED lasts 60 seconds. During that brief period of time, the device shines at a hundred milliwatts per centimeter squared, meaning that your cells will get roughly six joules of energy, the clinically effective dose.

Using the Luminance RED is simple:

  1. Press the ON button to power up the device.
  2. Press the START button to begin a 60 second treatment session. A timer is programmed into the device to automatically stop treatment after 60 seconds.
  3. Wait for the light to illuminate. The green indicator light above the text “POWER” will also light up.
  4. Hold the tip of the device roughly ½ inch (1 cm) from the affected area. At this distance, the light will cover an area approximately 1 inch in diameter.
  5. After the 60 second treatment, you will hear a beep, and the green indicator light will shut off automatically. The red light and digital display will also shut off.
  6. Continue using the device in 60 second sessions until you applied the light to all the affected areas on your skin.
  7. Once you have finished using the Luminance RED, press the OFF button to power down the device.
  8. For maximum efficacy, consider applying the treatment 2-3 times per day, 8 hours apart. Continue following these 8 steps until the cold sore heals or the outbreak is prevented.

Heal Your Cold Sore in 8 Simple Steps. Order the Luminance RED.

If you feel a cold sore developing now or suffer from recurring outbreaks, order the FDA registered Luminance RED device now.

Expedited shipping is available so you can begin your 8-step LED-Low Level Laser Therapy ASAP.

For more information and details on how the Luminance RED heals your cold sores fast, visit our FAQ or “How it Works” page. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Get rid of your cold sores and keep them at bay, order your Luminance RED treatment device now.

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$50 Off & Free 2-Day Shipping | Code: SAVE50

$50 Off, FREE Shipping & FREE Travel Case. Code | SAVE50

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