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Recommended Treatment Protocol

For cold sore and canker sores, what is your recommended treatment?

A treatment session lasts for 60 seconds, which is auto-programmed into the devices countdown timer. When you press the START button, the 60 second countdown timer will automatically start.

A 60 second treatment session delivers 6.0J of energy (a clinically proven, effective dose).

A minimum of one treatment per day is suggested.

For maximum efficacy we suggest applying treatment 2-3 times per day, 8 hours apart. More frequent use than this is not helpful and is not suggested.

How should I use my Luminance RED?

1. Press the ON button: This will power up the device.

2. Press the START button: This will start a 60 second treatment session.

3. The light will begin to illuminate and the green indicator light above the text “POWER,” will light up.

4. Hold the tip of the head roughly ½ inch, or 1 cm, from the area you wish to treat. At this distance, the light will cover a diameter area of approximately 1 inch. If you prefer, you can also touch the tip of the device to the area you wish to treat.

5. Once the 60 second treatment is complete, you will hear a beep, the green indicator light above the text “POWER” will shut off automatically and light will stop illuminating shut off. The digital display will also shut off.

6. Continue using the device in 60 second sessions until you have applied light to all the desired areas of your skin.

7. After completing 2, 60 second sessions, pause from using the device for 60 seconds to prevent overheating.

8. Once finished using the device, Press the OFF button. This will power the device off.

Can you use the Luminance RED after a cold sore is already fully there?

Yes, you can use the Luminance RED after a sore has fully come out. The wavelength of light emitted can help with pain, recovery time as well as help them not return as frequently.

However, it is best to use it immediately once you feel the tingle and know that a sore is coming.

How long has the Luminance RED been on the market?

It has been on the market since October, 2018.

Do I need to wear some sort of eye protection when using?

Eye protection isn't necessary, but we don't recommend looking directly at the light or shining it directly into your eyes as it can be uncomfortable.

Should my Luminance RED get warm?

The Luminance RED is a high power device designed to produce the high amount of light energy necessary to be clinically effective.

As a byproduct of this process, heat is produced and can be felt where the metal tip inserts into the body of the device.

We suggest only using the device for 2, 60-second treatments back to back. After that, we suggest waiting until the device has cooled down to a comfortable temperature before using it again.

Does it work if I have makeup on?

There is no data showing how makeup or other materials between the light source and the skin may impact the effectiveness of the treatment. Therefore, we suggest using the device without makeup.

How should I clean my Luminance RED?

Cleaning your Luminance RED is easy!

After using, rinse the black, metal head carefully under running water for some seconds with the device powered off.

Then, use an alcohol prep pad to clean the head. You can also dip the head into a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol for 60 seconds.

Place the device on the charger and let air dry.

Do not put the device in the dishwasher.