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Does the Luminance RED Work if I am Wearing Makeup?


While we wish we had a definitive answer to every question, our answer to this one is maybe. Since we do not know for sure, we always suggest that you remove everything from your face and be sure that your skin is completely clean before applying treatment with the Luminance RED.

The Luminance RED emits a 660-nanometer wavelength of light, and some of that light could get filtered through various makeup products. It’s important that, during every 60-second treatment session, you receive six joules of energy to the affected area. All the available clinical data shows this is an effective dose. Luminance Medical designed the Luminance RED to ensure that, in a 60-second treatment you will receive six joules of energy to kickstart your immune cell response.

If you wear makeup that potentially filters out 50 percent of the light, then you're only getting about three joules of energy, which is short of the clinically effective dose. So to ensure you receive the proper treatment, we always suggest you completely clean your skin before applying red light with the Luminance RED.

To get more answers to common questions users of the Luminance RED ask, please visit our FAQ page. If you already have a cold sore or canker sore and want to begin your treatment ASAP, visit our online store today.