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How Does the Luminance RED Compare to a Dentist’s Laser?

Luminance Medical developed the Luminance RED based on the technology that is in a diode laser, the device professionals use to treat various skin ailments, such as cold sores and genital sores. The problem with diode lasers is that they cost between $10,000-$30,000 to buy. In addition these lasers must be applied by a doctor or a trained professional. We developed the Luminance RED so you can receive the same treatment at home for a fraction of the cost.

Not only is it much more expensive to go to your dentist, doctor, or dermatologist and have them apply the laser, but there's a delay in the time from when you get that first tingle of a cold sore to when you're actually able to apply treatment. This is problematic because treatment becomes less effective the longer you wait to apply the laser.


We recommend keeping the Luminance RED at your home, so you can apply the same treatment you would receive at a doctor’s office immediately. Say you experience the first of the five cold sore stages—the dreaded tingle. You will want to grab your Luminance RED, and begin a 60-second treatment. By administering this treatment twice daily, you're immediately providing your immune cells with the energy they need to attack the herpes simplex virus (HSV type I or II).

When you begin treatment ASAP, studies show that 25-40% of the time, the LED-low level laser therapy technology found within the Luminance RED can stop the cold sore from ever forming at all. Some dentists are now using the Luminance RED at their practices. They love how easy it is to use again and again, rather than the diode laser, which has a burdensome number of non-reusable parts, takes up a lot of space, and requires a significant amount of time to charge.

Until about five years ago, it would have been impossible to manufacture the Luminance RED, due to technological limitations. Today, exponential improvements in LED output and efficiency, as well as exponential decreases in LED chip manufacturing costs, allow Luminance Medical to sell this affordable and effective device.

The FDA registered, the Luminance RED is safe and usable at home. For more information on how this technology prevents and heals cold and genital sores, visit our “how it works” page. To purchase your Luminance RED and begin your treatment ASAP, visit our online store.

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$50 Off & Free 2-Day Shipping | Code: SAVE50

$50 Off, FREE Shipping & FREE Travel Case. Code | SAVE50

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