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Canker Sore Treatment for Kids: Safe Options to Heal Your Child

We understand that keeping your child safe, happy, and healthy are your primary responsibilities as a parent. For example, when your child suffers even the slightest bit of discomfort from a canker sore, you want to quickly find a safe and effective canker sore treatment for kids. Let’s walk the through the process of sore identification, treatment, and prevention to keep these annoying irritations away.

Canker Sores in Kids: How and Why They Form

Canker sores can form at any time in both kids and adults. Not to be confused with cold sores, which generally form around your child’s mouth or on their outer lips, canker sores appear on the soft tissue lining inside of your child’s mouth. They often will look like small, white lesions or ulcers , and can occur singly or in clusters.

Some good news: unlike cold sores, canker sores are not contagious, so don’t worry about your child spreading them to their siblings or friends. Pinpointing what causes canker sores in kids is tricky, as medical professionals cannot say for certain what leads to the formation of a canker sore in either kids or adults. Some possible reasons a sore begins to form include:

  • A sensitivity to a certain type of food, such as strawberries, nuts, and dairy products
  • A reaction to toothpastes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate
  • A diet deficient in vitamin B12, iron, and/or folic acid
  • Emotional stress

Some evidence also indicates canker sore formation may be genetic or develop as a symptom of a separate condition or disease. In addition, they may appear after your child experiences a minor mouth injury, like from brushing their gums too hard. In most cases, quickly administering treatment can provide significant canker sore relief for kids.

Identifying a Safe and Effective Canker Sore Treatment for Kids

While canker sores will eventually heal on their own, the natural healing process can take up two or more weeks depending on their severity and cause. At their lowest level of irritation, canker sores will be a minor annoyance to your child and will not greatly affect their day-to-day life. At their most severe, these sores will cause your child a significant amount of pain and discomfort throughout the day. 

Traditionally, parents treat their child’s canker sores with a natural home remedy, over-the-counter pain relief medication, or a mouthwash or topical medicine recommended by a doctor. These traditional methods vary in effectiveness and, while they may provide eventual relief from the discomfort caused by a canker sore, they often do little to prevent recurrent formation. However, new advancements in LED medical technology can provide a faster and more effective treatment for your child than these traditional methods. Luminance Medical now offers this LED-LLLT treatment on a broad scale with its newest handheld device, the Luminance RED.


Is the Luminance RED a Safe Canker Sore Treatment for Kids? 

The Luminance RED device harnesses LED-low level laser therapy to quickly treat canker sores in children and adults. The treatment process, also known as photobiomodulation, will cause your child’s skin to metabolize the light’s energy, allowing for a faster healing process and greater resistance against future sores.

Clinical studies demonstrate the effectiveness of this treatment for canker sores and cold sores, as well as its safety for children. In addition, the treatment has no known negative side effects in children. If you have any further concerns, we suggest you reach out to your child’s doctor directly and discuss the treatment with them for final approval. That way, you can be one hundred percent confident in using the Luminance RED to provide canker sore relief for your kids.

For more information about how the Luminance RED works to treat canker sores and cold sores, visit our “How it Works” page. You can also contact us at any time or visit our FAQ page if you have any additional questions about using the Luminance RED device. We believe in the Luminance RED as an effective canker sore treatment for kids and adults, which is why we also offer a money-back guarantee.

Purchase the Luminance RED today to get quick canker sore relief for the whole family.

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