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The Fastest Way to Get Rid of a Cold Sore: Using At-Home Laser Therapy

For many years, at-home cold sore treatments were limited to household remedies, cold compresses, and antiviral medications and topical creams. These traditional options vary in degrees of effectiveness, and some only soothe discomfort rather than heal or prevent a cold sore outbreak. For those who suffer from frequent cold sores or experience an outbreak right before an important event, these options simply might not be good enough. If you’re looking for one of the fastest ways to get rid of a cold sore, we recommend the Luminance RED, a new FDA registered device that uses LED-low level laser therapy to combat the virus that causes those annoying fever blisters.

What is LED-Low Level Laser Therapy?

The technology behind the Luminance RED has its roots in the diode lasers used in laboratories, dental practices, and doctors’ offices. A trained professional must operate this expensive technology, which applies light to naturally energize your immune response to the cold sore-causing herpes simplex virus (HSV).

This treatment process goes by a few names, including low-level laser therapy, cold laser therapy, or photobiomodulation. In short, by applying a 660-nanometer wavelength of light to an affected area, you can provide local immune cells with extra energy. This energy, also known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP), jumpstarts the healing process for your skin. Your immune cells get the strength they need to effectively combat HSV and halt the virus replication process that leads to a cold sore outbreak.

When you begin this treatment as soon as you feel a cold sore outbreak developing, studies show that you can prevent sores from even forming 25-40% of the time. If you begin treatment late, low-level laser therapy can still quickly get rid of cold sores by cutting healing times nearly in half.

This treatment, once only available in professional settings, can now be used at home thanks to the rapid advancement of LED technology. The Luminance RED harnesses this impressive power in the palm of your hand, which makes it one of the fastest ways to get rid of a cold sore.

Why Should I Choose the Luminance RED Over Traditional Treatment Options?

Excellent question. Let’s take a look at each available treatment and weigh their pros and cons against the Luminance RED.

  • Going to the doctor or dentist. We don’t blame you for thinking a visit to the dentist or doctor to use the big, expensive diode laser would provide a significantly more effective treatment. The diode laser is in fact very effective; however, the Luminance RED more conveniently and affordably offers the same treatment capabilities. Additionally, you won’t need to wait for an appointment at the office and can begin your treatment with the Luminance RED ASAP. To further put your mind at ease, some dentists are now using the Luminance RED in their practices rather than the diode laser.
  • Using an antiviral topical treatment. Antiviral creams can help relieve cold sore discomfort and, in some cases, reduce healing time. However, creams can be messy, and if you suffer from recurring cold sores, you may need to make frequent trips to the store to keep your medicine cabinet stocked. Oral antivirals reduce healing time but come with significant potential side effects ranging from headaches to stomach upset to severe allergic reactions, just to name a few. When used properly, the Luminance RED causes no adverse side effects and can be used again and again with very little maintenance.
  • Applying Cold Compresses and Home Remedies. Home remedies such as cold compresses, various supplements and topical oils can help ease the pain and discomfort associated with cold sore outbreaks, but they do not speed up the healing process. Clinical studies show that the type of treatment provided by the Luminance RED can both decrease pain and shorten healing times.

Heal Your Cold Sore Fast. Order the Luminance RED Now

At Luminance Medical, we want to help heal your cold sore as quickly as technology allows. We stand by the Luminance RED device and treatment, so much so that we include a money-back guarantee with your purchase. If you feel a cold sore developing now and need the Luminance RED ASAP, select expedited shipping during checkout.

For more information on how the Luminance RED can quickly heal your cold sores, visit our FAQ or “How it Works” page. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Get rid of your cold sores fast and limit their recurrence, order your Luminance RED now.

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