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These Preventative Measures Can Get Rid of Your Cold Sores Forever

how to get rid of cold sores forever

You know it all too well: that dreaded tingling feeling that occurs when a cold sore is about to erupt around your mouth.

Cold sores are uncomfortable, frustrating, and embarrassing, but that doesn’t mean you’re forced to suffer through outbreaks for the rest of your life. Although there’s no cure to the herpes simplex virus, with the proper preventative measures you can learn how to get rid of cold sores forever.

Why Do Cold Sores Recur?

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). This condition is so common that it’s estimated at least 3.7 billion people under the age of 50 have HSV-1 infection worldwide.

The herpes simplex virus is highly contagious, especially when oozing blisters exist. It spreads easily through the body to trigger cold sores around the lips and mouth. After your first episode of herpes infection, the virus remains dormant in nerve cells in your skin. It may lie inactive for weeks, months, or even years.

Cold sores recur when triggered by external factors, including:

  • - Stress
  • - Fatigue
  • - Hormonal changes
  •  -Another viral infection
  • - Injury to the skin
  • - Unusual exposure to sunlight and wind

Does Herpes Virus Always Cause Cold Sores?

Of the billions of adults who carry the herpes simplex virus, many never develop cold sores at all! It’s possible for the virus to remain dormant in your body for your entire life, but there’s no way to guarantee that cold sores won’t develop in response to a trigger in the near future.

What Factors Increase the Frequency of Cold Sore Recurrence?

Many different factors influence the frequency of cold sore recurrence. But the good news is that many are within your control to minimize and prevent altogether!

The most common causes of frequent cold sore recurrence include:

  • - Poor diet
  • - Lack of sleep
  • - Stress
  • - Partying too hard
  • - Coming into contact with other contagious people with cold sores

How to Maximize Hygiene and Minimize Infections

Although there’s no cure for herpes and no way to eliminate outbreaks entirely, you can take measures to protect yourself and others from contracting the virus.

If you’re experiencing an outbreak or know somebody who is, use these tips to ensure the best hygiene habits:

  • - Avoid direct physical contact
  • - Don’t share items such as cups, towels, silverware, or lip balm
  • - Wash hands thoroughly and frequently
  • - Apply medication with cotton swabs to reduce contact with sores
  • - Don’t pick at your sores or touch them with your hands

The Best Preventative Measures to Get Rid of Cold Sores Forever

In addition to careful hygiene habits, you can also take strategic preventative measures to stop cold sores before they start. These tips will help you keep the herpes virus dormant and far away from becoming a cold sore on the surface of your skin. Here's how to get rid of cold sores forever:

Healthy Foods and Supplements Can Help

You can’t go wrong by eating healthy and taking supplements, but these choices in particular have been shown in clinical and anecdotal research to prevent herpes outbreaks.

Lean Protein

Eggs, almonds, chicken, and other sources of lean protein play a key role in your body’s ability to fight infection. In particular, it’s two amino acids found in protein — glutamine and arginine — that modulate your body’s response to viruses like genital herpes.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These fatty acids are indispensable in your battle against inflammation. Load up on salmon, chia seeds, flaxseed, and mackerel to superpower your body’s response to inflammation and, in turn, limit or manage the effects of your next genital herpes outbreak.

how to get rid of cold sores forever


Chickpeas, pork, lamb, and wheat germ all contain high levels of zinc. Research shows that zinc ions are active against the herpes simplex virus and may even extend the time between outbreaks.


Research is still ongoing, but recent reports suggest that daily lysine supplementation may reduce the recurrences of herpes outbreaks. Though lower doses of lysine show little effect, high doses of up to 3,000 mg a day may be beneficial.


Probiotics are well known for their immune-boosting abilities. Now research also shows that certain probiotic strains can limit herpes infections as well.

Vitamin B Complex 

The full range of B vitamins serves many critical roles in your body, including healthy cell growth, metabolism, and energy. You need all of these functions in full force to respond to an active outbreak of herpes.

Dial in Your Sleeping Habits

Sleep is one of your most valuable defenses against disease. Rest doesn’t just refresh your mind, it recharges your immune system as well. Stop fatigue from zapping your immune system and making you vulnerable to cold sore outbreaks with these tips:

  • - Create a soothing sleep environment
  • - Reduce technology and blue light before bedtime
  • - Develop a consistent evening routine to wind down
  • - Get regular exercise during the day

Use Luminance RED

Luminance RED is a breakthrough cold sore treatment that harnesses a high-powered LED light technology to shorten healing time and decrease the frequency of new outbreaks.

This FDA-approved device nourishes the skin with a 660 nanometer wavelength of light, which is metabolized to accelerate the body’s healing process and strengthen its defenses against future attacks. Regular use of Luminance RED not only shortens the healing time of active outbreaks, but it can prevent future outbreaks altogether!

The Luminance RED device is easy to use to reduce the effects of cold sore outbreaks. It is designed to be held about one centimeter from the area being treated for a 60 second session. It should be applied at least once a day, but up to three times a day, for maximum efficiency.

Clinical Studies Show Light Treatment Helps Prevent Outbreaks

Clinical studies have repeatedly demonstrated the power of treatment with light to prevent herpes simplex outbreak.

In a study of participants with at least one herpes attack per month for more than six months, patients who received treatment with light averaged 37.5 weeks before their next cold sore episode, compared to only 3 weeks for the patients who did not receive treatment.

Another study found that patients who received treatment had a 49% reduction in time to heal compared to those who had no treatment. The treatment group took an average time to heal of 2.2 days, while the non-treatment group took 4.3 days.

This is exactly why Luminance RED was designed with ideal wavelength and irradiance specifications to maximize efficiency in treating and preventing cold sore outbreaks. Thanks to Luminance RED, light therapy has become one of the simplest and most effective ways to get rid of your cold sores forever.

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