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Looking for Genital Herpes Treatments Over-the-Counter? Here Are Your Options

You could visit your doctor to learn more about genital herpes treatments… but do you want to?

With the right guidance, you can easily find genital herpes treatments over-the-counter and avoid a potentially embarrassing trip to the doctor.

From at-home DIY measures and online pharmacies to supplements and topical remedies, you have plenty of options at your fingertips! Use this comprehensive guide to get the answers you need. It’s time to take the mystery out of finding genital herpes treatments over-the-counter.

Homecare Measures for Genital Herpes

The first steps to genital herpes care begin in your own home. Use the following tips to improve your comfort and make OTC treatments more effective.

NSAIDs For Pain Relief

Genital herpes outbreaks can cause days or even weeks of discomfort. Fortunately, you probably already have pain relief options sitting in your medicine cabinet. Aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen are all formulated to reduce the inflammation that causes so much pain during outbreaks.

Keep the Area Clean and Dry

It’s important to keep dry any areas affected by genital herpes sores. Moisture triggers irritation and can make outbreaks even worse. Try drying outbreaks with a hairdryer on low heat settings instead of a towel. It also helps to wear cotton underwear, since cotton is gentle and absorbs moisture much better than synthetic fabrics.

Wear Loose Clothing

It’s no secret that tight clothing rubs and irritates the skin, and that’s not what you need during a genital herpes outbreak! Enjoy the comfort of loose clothing so that tight pants don’t make your sores even worse.


Pharmaceuticals Available Online

Thanks to the rapidly growing popularity of telemedicine, it’s easier than ever to purchase genital herpes antiviral medications without a visit to the doctor’s office. Online pharmacies make it their mission to provide genital herpes medication quickly and discreetly.

Prescription Antiviral Medication

Prescription antiviral medication can treat infections caused by the herpes simplex virus, including genital herpes. You might recognize topical cream formulations by its brand names. 

It’s best to start taking antiviral medications orally within 48 hours from time you notice the first signs of an emerging outbreak. This medication stops the herpes virus from growing and spreading during an outbreak, although it cannot remove the virus from your body completely. Most people experience relief within just a few days of taking medication for genital herpes.

Herbs, Vitamins, and Other Supplements

It isn’t always possible to eat foods containing the high levels of nutrients your body needs to fight genital herpes, but herbs, vitamins, and supplements can help. The following choices are known to boost immune system function and help the body combat herpes outbreaks.

Zinc. Chickpeas, pork, lamb, and wheat germ all contain high levels of zinc. Research shows that zinc ions are active against the herpes simplex virus and may even extend the time between outbreaks.

Lysine. Research is still ongoing, but recent reports suggest that daily lysine supplementation may reduce the recurrences of herpes outbreaks. Though lower doses of lysine show little effect, high doses of up to 3,000 mg a day may be beneficial.

Probiotics. Probiotics are well known for their immune-boosting abilities. Now research also shows that certain probiotic strains can limit herpes infections as well.

Vitamin B Complex. The full range of B vitamins serves many critical roles in your body, including healthy cell growth, metabolism, and energy. You need all of these functions in full force to respond to an active outbreak of herpes.

Aloe vera. Aloe vera isn’t just for sunburn! Pure aloe vera offers antimicrobial, antifungal, and wound healing properties that soothe herpes symptoms and encourage rapid healing. 

Topical OTC Treatments for Genital Herpes

Several over-the-counter topical options are available for genital herpes treatment, but evidence suggests they aren’t all effective.

Start with a few simple DIY topical compresses. Research shows that topical therapy can effectively alleviate symptoms of genital herpes outbreaks and even contribute to the prevention of outbreaks when used promptly.

Here are a few tried-and-true natural compress ideas to get you started:

  • -Dry, warm compress using warmed rice in a sock
  • -Cold compress using an ice pack or soft washcloth filled with ice
  • -Baking soda paste
  • -Cornstarch paste
  • -Crushed garlic cloves mixed with olive oil
  • -Topical apple cider vinegar using one-part ACV and three-parts warm water

A New FDA-Registered Treatment: Luminance RED

Let’s just say it: traditional genital herpes treatment options don’t always offer the lasting relief that you need, especially during a painful outbreak. That’s exactly why Luminance RED stands out from all other genital herpes treatments you can find over-the-counter.

Luminance RED is an FDA-registered genital herpes treatment that uses high-powered light treatment to shorten healing time and prevent outbreaks entirely! With just a few 90-second treatments per day, you can discreetly take control of genital herpes.

In fact, when used immediately at the first signs of an emerging outbreak, Luminance RED can stop your HSV-2 outbreak from ever forming. Clinical data conclusively shows that treatment reduced herpes healing time in patients from 8.2 days to 1.8 days and extended the average amount of time before their next recurrence from 124 days to 455 days!

Luminance RED uses medically optimized wavelengths of light to fight genital herpes and stop your outbreak in its tracks. No doctor required!

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$50 Off & Free 2-Day Shipping | Code: SAVE50

$50 Off, FREE Shipping & FREE Travel Case. Code | SAVE50

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