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What’s the Best Serum to Use With Your LED Wand?

After finding the best serum to use with her LED light therapy wand, a woman applies the product to her cheek with a dropper.


So you’ve finally taken the plunge and purchased an LED wand. This device will revolutionize your skincare routine, treating everything from dark spots to acne breakouts to cold sores.

But that’s just the beginning. Take your skincare routine up another notch by discovering the best serum to use with LED wand technology. 

Today, we’ll explore the best light therapy serums on the market and explain how to incorporate them into your light therapy treatments.  


What Are Light Therapy Serums?

Serums are a special type of skincare product that use concentrated ingredients to achieve a wide range of fast, effective results. Most serums are gel-like liquids that absorb more quickly than moisturizers and penetrate deeper layers of your skin.

Serums with higher concentrations of certain active ingredients may be more irritating to sensitive skin types. You may need to try several before you find the right one for your skin.

Infographic: What’s the Best Serum to Use With Your LED Wand?

Best Serum to Use With an LED Wand

Looking for the best serum to use with LED wand technology? Below are a few serums that provide excellent benefits for skin and also pair well with LED light therapy.

Vitamin C Serums

Vitamin C serums are a great partner for LED light therapy. Their standout achievements include:

  • Reversing signs of aging by boosting collagen production.
  • Protecting the skin against damaging free radicals induced by air pollutants, sunlight, pesticides, cigarette smoke, and alcohol.
  • Evening skin tone and reducing dark spots.
  • Healing skin from sunburns, minor wounds, and inflammation.

A vitamin C serum can make your skin more susceptible to sun damage, so be sure to pair this type of serum with sunscreen during the day. The good news is that vitamin C and sunscreen together may offer greater protection than sunscreen alone.

Green Tea Serums

Green tea isn’t just a healthy hot beverage!

When added to serums and other skincare products, green tea protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals, boosts collagen production, and reduces inflammation. A green tea serum may also reduce acne breakouts, dark spots, wrinkles, and the severity of herpes outbreaks.

Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of combining green tea products with red light therapy. Depending on your skincare goals, green tea could be the best serum to use with LED wand technology.

Hyaluronic Acid Serums

Despite the more difficult to pronounce name, hyaluronic acid serums have become very popular in skincare and pair well with light therapy to achieve optimal results.

The key benefit of hyaluronic acid is improving hydration by helping skin hold on to moisture — a task which moisturizers alone generally can’t accomplish. Well-hydrated skin not only looks better, but also feels stronger and healthier — a true win-win. Combine that with red light therapy, and you’ve got a triple win on your hands.

Here are a few additional benefits of hyaluronic acid serums:

  • Promoting increased collagen production and strengthen the skin
  • Smoothing and plumping skin wrinkles, scars, and uneven texture
  • Healing wounds by increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation

Retinol Serums

If you’re mainly looking for anti-aging effects, pair your LED wand with a retinol serum. Your skin will appear more youthful, and you’ll see clearer pores, fewer acne breakouts, and a more even skin tone overall.

Like the other serums listed, retinol serums are safe and effective to pair with red light therapy. However, the general consensus currently recommends that you don’t apply retinol right before your red light therapy session. Instead, apply it earlier in the day or a little while afterward.

New dermatological discoveries are happening every day — if you can’t find an effective serum for you at this time, keep your eye on the market. For example, Luminance RED is developing a line of serums, and depending on when you’re reading this article, they may already be available in our shop!

How to Use Serums Effectively

Once you’ve chosen the best serum to use with LED wand technology, you’re ready to start your new and improved skincare routine.

Follow the instructions on your LED wand to achieve optimal results. Some wands are spot treatment devices, while others treat a slightly larger area. Depending on manufacturer recommendations, you may use the device daily or only a few times per week.

Follow the instructions on your new serum, as well. Most serums are safe to apply twice a day — once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. Others, like vitamin C serums, are safe to apply more often.

With most serums, you won’t need more than a pea-sized amount at once. Instead of rubbing serums into your skin as you would with a lotion, use gentle tapping motions until the product fully absorbs.


Research has demonstrated that LED light therapy is safe and effective for treating a variety of skin conditions. You shouldn’t have any adverse reactions to light therapy treatments.

While most serums are safe to use, certain ingredients may irritate your skin, especially if you have an unknown allergy. Before applying a serum to your entire face, do a spot test on a small patch of skin. If you notice any issues such as redness, tingling, and/or flaking, you may need a lower concentration, a different serum, or you may need to apply the serum less frequently.


Best Serum to Use With LED Wands: Final Thoughts

The best serum to use with LED wand technology is the one that works best for you. Your skin isn’t the same as anyone else’s, so take word-of-mouth suggestions with a grain of salt. You’ll find the best serum through trial-and-error and by consulting with a dermatologist.

Red light therapy is an effective way to promote healing, reduce signs of aging, treat acne breakouts, and even reduce the appearance of scars. By choosing a serum that offers one or more of these benefits, you can significantly enhance your results!

QUOTE: What’s the Best Serum to Use With Your LED Wand?
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